Christiane Kunz


"Sometimes, all it takes to see things clearly is a change of perspective." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Christiane Kunz


Professional background

  • Professional consultant and coach at Strempel Business Consulting and Coaching with special focus on health management and workplace health promotion
  • Freelance professional in the field of health psychology (nutrition training, corporate in-house health days)
  • Trainer at topoi Consulting (focus on team building, communication, social skills)
  • Psychological consulting on cardiovascular and respiratory diseases (coping with the disease, managing stress, training sessions) at a clinical centre

Additional qualification

  • M.A. Employee Development / University of Kaiserslautern / Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • NLP-Practitioner / Konstanzer Institut für NLP / Konstanz, Germany
  • Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Trainer / Institut für Mensch & Management / Munich, Germany

Areas of expertise

  • Lectures and seminars on salutongenesis, stress, burnout
  • Group facilitation on corporate health policies