Change Management

Whether you plan to rejuvenate your strategy or corporate values, upgrade technologies or streamline organisational structures and processes – the success of your initiative depends on the people who have to bring it to life. Change requires us to adopt new ways of acting and thinking. While this can inspire happiness and relief, it may also provoke fear and resistance.

Change management describes a full set of actions and interventions chosen to help employees accept and embrace change both rationally and emotionally. Change Management fosters acceptance and promotes motivation. It addresses barriers and fears and provides ways to overcome them. Using the knowledge acquired during the process, employees are well equipped to master their duties in a changing environment.

We’re there for you every step of the way. Together, we look at it from different angles allowing you and us to evaluate and understand the impact of change. Based on this insight we devise a systematic and intelligible strategy which matches your corporate culture. We choose methods to communicate information in an honest, comprehensible and engaging way. One of the major factors in guiding transitional processes successfully is choosing the right time, scope and pace.

At regular intervals we pause to take stock: what are the effects of change, how is morale? We’re not afraid to re-adjust our strategy where necessary.

Sample methodology:

  • Analysis:
    • Taking stock
    • Goalsetting workshop
    • Target group/stakeholder analysis
    • Corporate culture analysis (see also Corporate culture)
  • Guided implementation:
    • Vision/goals
    • Strategy
    • Change management concept and planning
    • Clarifying and defining roles
    • Agile methods
    • Working in selforganized in circles
    • Systemic approach
    • Systemic loop
    • Working in tandem (executive consulting and coaching)
    • Internal communication
    • Information trade fairs
    • Town hall meetings
    • Use of liberating structures within large scale workshops
    • World café, open space, future conference
    • Feedback
    • Coaching
    • Trainings and inputs