We will help you be clear and straightforward in your communications to foster trusted relations.

The company management defines communications. Reflective communication and confidence in handling difficult situations are essential for success.

Analysing employee feedback we evaluate how communication is perceived and establish ways to improve it.

We work alongside our clients to define interventions and solutions geared to your corporate and leadership culture and designed to involve and engage employees.

Scope of topics:

  • Understanding communication
  • Designing communication to reflect corporate values
  • Identifying and remedying friction losses
  • Crafting communication concepts and delivering team results
  • Communicating change to overcome resistance (managing change)

Sample methodology:

  • Analysis:
    • Communication analysis
    • Assessing the meeting culture
  • Design and implementation workshop:
    • + / – communication workshop focussing on implementation
    • Communication: Current paths and future short cuts
  • Seminars:
    • Communication: hard work and relationship
    • Offering and receiving feedback
    • Outcome-driven meetings (facilitation)
  • Guided implementation:
    • Communication plan
    • Designing concepts and initiatives
    • Guided feedback interviews
    • Individual coaching