Although many employees rate their situation at work as positive1, stress remains an issue. Work-related factors account for 50% of the total sickness absence2.

Programmes to promote workplace health help reduce sickness absence and cut associated costs. Most importantly, however, they contribute towards employee health. The benefits of workplace health promotion can be harnessed by cultivating a motivating atmosphere and high employee engagement.

We advocate a multi-perspective approach: what are the factors encouraging health, how can each employee’s contribute to his or her personal health and how do the surroundings to be shaped to support health initiatives. Together, we decide whether our collaboration should focus on a couple of specific topics or extend to the overall process. In addition to conducting health surveys we also offer medical assessment of the health situation or seminars for executives and staff specially geared to the needs of your company.

Scope of topics:

  • Pinpointing the factors in your company that promote and erode workplace health
  • Instituting workplace health promotion programmes
  • Learning to listen to your body
  • Proactive methods to stay healthy
  • Learning to handle mental and physical workload

Sample methodology:

  • Analysis:
    • Health assessment
  • Design and implementation workshop:
    • Objectives and focus of workplace health promotion programmes
    • Health circles (initiatives and planning)
  • Training seminars and lectures:
    • Seminars for executives and staff geared to customer-specific needs
    • Handling mental and physical stress
  • Guided implementation:
    • Communication plan
    • Event concept
    • Individual coaching

1 = Iga, IGA Report 21, 2010
2 = Eurofound, Living and working in Europe, 2010