Leadership is not a static, defined construct. To be able respond to rapidly changing environment and changed values leadership needs to be situative and supportive.

This means for leaders that it matters to be able to adjust dynamically to their counterparts and team members. Including to be aware of different type of personalities and to handle their own personalities.

This is a task requiring managers to show a genuine interest in employee development, be respectful towards subordinates and able to communicate positive and negative messages.

We analyse the current situation and devise new ways for re-orientation. To achieve this, we develop jointly with you your leadership approach, the appropriate tools and support you in the roll-out process.

Scope of topics:

  • Leadership and direction
  • Leading teams to success
  • New cooperation methods (roles, communication- and decisionprocess, retrospectives)
  • Employee development
  • Communicating tasks and expected results
  • Managing and resolving conflicts

Sample methodology:

  • Analysis:
    • Leadership analysis
  • Design and implementation workshop:
    • Definition of leadership approach
    • Implementation workshop (test of methods, initiatives and planning
    • + / – leadership workshop focussing on implementation
  • Seminars:
    • Leadership – elements and best practice
    • Preparing and conducting one-on-one interviews
    • Customer-specific seminars for senior managers
  • Guided implementation:
    • Individual coaching
    • Reflection of the leadership personality
    • Personality Test LINC Personality Profiler
    • Clarifying roles
    • Conflict facilitation
    • Agile methods
    • Management 3.0 methods (Delegation Poker, Team Matrix, …)