Collegian leadership in practice : The journey continues, step by step

With one of our clients we are exploring collegial leadership step by step. One division of the company wants to create a leadership system that, among other things, distributes responsibility and competence among several heads and promotes personal responsibility in order to be able to adapt quickly.

Agile Gilde

I am very happy! From now on I am part of the Agile Guild. We are a community of experts for collegial self-organization and agile organizational development.

Creating new perspectives: accompanying job cuts

Job cuts are one of the most painful tasks. Finding a personal way of dealing with it, enabling a good farewell and at the same time creating perspectives for remaining employees are the biggest tasks.

The Spark!

We have developed a short and crisp workshop format for our customers, which reflects the current remote experience, uses innovations and anchors them in the organization for the long term.

Book tip: Lean Change Management

This book is peppered with methods that generate high participation. Those affected by the changes are involved and thus contribute to the success of the change.

Play 14 Online! Viele Erfahrungen zu virtuellem Gamificiation und Online Workshops

Heute haben wir einen ganzen Tag online experimentiert, wie spielerische Methoden und Gamification in virtuelle Workshops transportiert werden können. Unter Einsatz von Miro und Murial haben ca. 60 Teilnehmer zusammen virtuell Serious Games ausprobiert zum Beispiel: Foodride Event Storming Magic Maze Black Stories What’s your point FIKA MVP game Synchronisation and failure A beautiful summer […]