Lena Stenger


Lena Stenger

European Business Management

Professional background

  • Cooperation Partner of Strempel Beratung +Coaching
  • Foundation of European Strategy & Change Consultants GbR with Focus on People Transformation, systemic business coaching and human potential management
  • Consulting and trainings in the course of changes at Boardeleven Management Consultants
  • International Consulting in the course of business transformation and HR stretegy projects at Capgemini Consulting
  • Inhouse Consultant for international change management projects at Deutsche Bank AG

Additional qualification

  • Systemic Coach and Team Developer DBVC / Institut für Systemische Beratung / Wiesloch

Areas of expertise

  • Guiding transitional processes and cultural changes (change management)
  • Re-inventing organizations
  • Vision design and implementation
  • Stakeholder management
  • Change communication and mobilisation
  • HR visioning and anchoring
  • HR potential and talent management
  • HR business partner concept design and review
  • HR recruting and talent Management
  • Corporate university