Britta Strempel


We cannot achieve what we never reached out for.

Britta Strempel

Diploma Engineer

Professional background

  • Strempel, Consulting + Coaching based in Stuttgart, Germany
  • International business consulting focusing on transitional processes (change management) and employee development strategies at Capgemini Consulting
  • Process consulting and training at a medium-sized consulting company

Additional qualification

  • Agile Organisational Tutor / Werkstatt für kollegiale Führung / Hamburg / Germany
  • Agile Leadership / Quadriga University / Berlin, Germany
  • Agiler Organisational Developer / Quadriga University / Berlin, Germany
  • Certified Business Coach / Coaching Academy CIP GmBH / Munich, Germany
  • Embodiment / ERA /Munich, Germany
  • Collaborative Coaching / The Coaches / Paris, France
  • World Work, Deep Democracy, Diversity / IPA Institut für Prozessarbeit / Zurich, Switzerland
  • Corporate Health Management / Deutsche Psychologen Akademie / Berlin, Germany

Areas of expertise

  • Guiding transitional processes and cultural changes (change management)
  • Re-inventing organizations
  • Defining and implementing leadership guidelines
  • Optimising communication
  • Vision design and implementation
  • Personality-driven coaching
  • Senior and junior executive coaching, leadership skills