Corporate culture

Corporate culture is a multi-faceted, complex structure. It is set out in the company’s vision, mission and guidelines. However, it becomes tangible for the people working in this company in their daily tasks. It is expressed as rules and values, the mindset and manners of each individual. It is the figurehead with which the company presents itself to customers and employees. The corporate culture has the power to encourage employee motivation and loyalty – or to drive people away.

Implementing change in the corporate culture takes time. It requires many small steps and managers willing to adopt new ways and bring them to life in their day-to-day routine.

Together we will define whether our work should target specific areas or extend to the overall process. During implementation we will guide you all the way from corporate culture analysis and guideline setting to engaging leadership and staff.

Scope of topics:

  • Making corporate culture tangible
  • Crafting and implementing guidelines
  • Culture-driven leadership
  • Strengthening team spirit
  • Instituting workplace health promotion programmes
  • Advancing corporate culture through communication

Sample methodology:

  • Analysis:
    • Culture analysis
  • Design and implementation workshop:
    • From concept to vision to mission
    • Implementation workshop (initiatives and planning)
    • Corporate culture and leadership
  • Guided implementation:
    • Culture Canvas
    • Executive coaching
    • Team coaching
    • Interventions and communication concepts