Great thinks never come from bog standard solutions. Jointly with you, we therefore select from various approaches and methods those that reflect your corporate and leadership culture best and help you achieve your change objectives.

How we work:

  • We stand by honesty, participation and collaboration at eye level
  • We promote change and new behaviour by not only talking about it, but by working out alternative courses of action
  • Communication is a central starting point for us
  • We apply iterative methods: Gain information, form hypotheses, select options for action, experiment with ideas and test changes, establish a routine out of something new
  • We think flexibly and explore alternatives and adapt actions where necessary

Our approaches:

  • Agile manifesto, agile values and principles
  • System theory
  • Cooperative leadership
  • Theory U
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • PDCA
  • Lean Change Management

Our approaches


Change Management­

You are looking for ways of designing and fostering organizational change with Change Management? Much of the required expertise is embedded in your corporate DNA. However, what is lacking is a systematic approach to…


You are striving for excellence in leadership in order to provide direction and maximize team performance. In order to achieve this in an ever faster changing environment you need situationally supportive leadership. Leaders able…
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Personal Coaching­

Our coaching approach centers on your personality and helps you activate your inherent resources. The goal is to: Daring to make a bold move in career or life Identifying and removing barriers Learning and…
Asian businesswoman showing her coworker an idea posted on a sticky note wall. Creative professionals brainstorming on new business ideas.


The best business strategies in the world are useless without the ability to execute them.The market requires continual adaption of your business strategy. You want you want to future-proof your operations in good time….

Corporate Culture

You want to shape the culture of your organization. It is important to you that values, standards and mindsets are not just on paper, but woven into the fabric of your company to make…

Organizational Development

Your organization is requiring change. Thinking in hierarchies and departments fails to meet the requirements of the market. You are striving to promote employee empowerment and foster new ways of cooperation. You want to…

Rely on our Change Management expertise to steer upcoming change projects in the right direction.