Change Management­

You are looking for ways of designing and fostering organizational change with Change Management? 

Much of the required expertise is embedded in your corporate DNA. However, what is lacking is a systematic approach to translating ideas into action. During implementation you strive to take advantage of the momentum of change and stay on the ball while sustaining the achieved. 

Support & Implementation

Your ideas for change should not remain ideas, but become new routines. Using our in-depth Change Management Consulting expertise, we will be at your side and support you during implementation. Accompanying your overall change process, we will…

  • question the status quo with you.
  • help you open up new perspectives.
  • draw on existing knowledge.
  • select individual approaches and methods that reflect your corporate and leadership culture.
    anticipate effects.
  • let participation and co-creation take effect.
  • understand joy and relief when change happens.
  • meet and overcome fear and resistance.
  • Break the process down to feasible and manageable steps for your organization.

Reasons for Change Management:

  • Optimizing your organization and processes
  • Digitization
  • Introducing agile organizational structures
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Staff reductions

Methods Change Management Consulting:


  • Taking stock
  • Defining the goals
  • Conducting target group/stakeholder analysis
  • Using corporate culture analysis


  • Defining the corporate vision and goals
  • Formulating the strategy
  • Describing the Change Management concept and planning
  • Clarifying and defining roles
  • Introducing agile methods
  • Working in self-organized in circles
  • Pursuing a systemic approach
  • Staying on the ball
  • Using the systemic loop
  • Working in tandem (executive consulting and coaching)
  • Enhancing internal communication
  • Organizing/Engaging employees through information trade fairs
  • Holding town hall meetings
  • Using liberating structures within large scale workshops
  • Setting-up world café, open space, future conference
  • Implementing feedback loops
  • Coaching
  • Enhancing knowledge with trainings and inputs

Rely on our Change Management expertise to steer upcoming change projects in the right direction.