Corporate Culture

You want to shape the culture of your organization. It is important to you that values, standards and mindsets are not just on paper, but woven into the fabric of your company to make them the guidelines of your day-to-day behavior. Good leadership practice and a suitable choice of working methods put a stamp on your corporate culture. That is why we work out alternative courses of action with you to show how things can be done differently.

Levering our comprehensive Corporate Culture Consulting expertise, we will be supporting you effectively every step of the way. We will helping you to realize alternative courses of action.

Reasons for Corporate Culture Consulting

  • Making corporate culture tangible
  • Entwining a new culture in your daily work
  • Mind Switch: Incorporating agile values into your day-to-day routine
  • Aligning daily communication with your corporate culture
  • Providing culture-driven leadership to employees
  • Strengthening team culture
  • Modeling a health-promoting corporate culture

Methods Corporate Culture Consulting:


  • Conducting a corporate culture analysis

Design and implementation workshop:

  • Supporting you every step of the way.from concept to vision to mission
  • Setting up an implementation workshop (initiatives and planning)
  • Drawing the guidelines of your day-to-day behavior in a corporate culture and leadership workshop

Guided implementation: 

  • Checking the Culture Canvas
  • Leadership coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Tailoring activities and communication concepts

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