Organizational Development

Your organization is requiring change. Thinking in hierarchies and departments fails to meet the requirements of the market. You are striving to promote employee empowerment and foster new ways of cooperation. You want to scrutinize and redesign your hierarchical structure and ways of decision making.

Using our in-depth Organizational Development Consulting expertise, we will be at your side and support you during implementation with tailor-made Change Management solutions.

Reasons for Organizational Development­Consulting:

  • Defining strategic requirements
  • Identify inefficient planning and decision-making processes
  • Improving cooperation
  • Resolving conflicts between divisions
  • Reallocating resources and tasks
  • Introducing agile organizational structures
  • Handling mergers and acquisitions

Methods Organizational Development Consulting:

Designing organizations

  • Defining frames and conditions
  • Designing circles and departments
  • Creating structures
  • Drawing up a delegation matrix
  • Identifying roles
  • Introducing serious games

Implementation support:

  • Questioning and defining the sense of purpose of new initiatives
  • Shaping the transition from old to new organizational forms
  • Launching experiments and practice rooms
  • Trying agile methods
  • Introducing new forms of decision-making
  • Setting up organizational development circles
  • Anchoring with implementation circles
  • Creating a company board
  • Avoiding overload
  • Coaching
  • Sparring
  • Using retrospectives
  • Improving communication

Rely on our Change Management expertise to steer upcoming change projects in the right direction.