You are striving for excellence in leadership in order to provide direction and maximize team performance.
In order to achieve this in an ever faster changing environment you need situationally supportive leadership. Leaders able to adapt dynamically to their environment, understand the personality of others and manage their own personality.

We put your existing leadership culture under scrutiny and steer it in new directions. Joining efforts with you, we will craft a coherent management approach and choose suitable management tools. Using our extensive Organizational Development and Change Management expertise, we will be there for you throughout the entire implementation process.

Reasons for Leadership Consulting:

  • Empowering leadership to give direction
  • Questioning benefits of agile leadership over hierarchical leadership
  • Testing agile methods
  • Introducing alternative methods of collaboration (roles, communication and decision-making processes, reflection processes)
  • Encouraging employees
  • Guiding teams to help them reach their targets
  • Communicating tasks and desired results
  • Identifying and resolving conflicts

Methods Leadership Consulting:


  • Conducting a leadership analysis

Design and implementation workshop:

  • Defining the leadership approach
  • Carrying out an implementation workshop (put methods to the test, outline initiatives and planning)
  • Rethinking pattern in an + / – leadership workshop


  • Preparing and conducting one-on-one interviews
  • Designing customer-specific seminars


  • Individual coaching
  • Identifying and reflecting on personality types and leadership styles
  • Reflecting personality with LINC Personality Profiler test
  • Clarifying roles
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Introducing agile methods
  • Using management 3.0 methods (delegation poker, team matrix, …)

Rely on our Change Management expertise to steer upcoming change projects in the right direction.