Coaching article excerpt: “Die Unzufriedene” (The Unhappy)

Coaching Article: “Die Unzufriedene: Coaching zur Verbesserung von Feedback-Fähigkeit und Emapthie” (The Unhappy: Coaching as a way to improve feedback skills and empathy) by Britta Strempel describes how coaching can help increase satisfaction by strengthening feedback skills and empathy. The article appears as one of 13 case studies where coaching professionals describe their coaching concept, approach, progress and results compiled in the coaching case study anthology “Das Coaching-Fallbuch Business-Coaching in der Praxis – 13 spannende Fallberichteberichte” (Business-Coaching in Practice – 13 Case Reports From The Field).

For an excerpt of the coaching article click here: 2014_excerpt_CoachingBookCaseStudies_Strempel