MEHRWERTICH SeminarCoachings

Jointly with my cooperation partners we invite you to discover MEHRWERTICH SeminarCoachings committed to inspiring a desire for personal achievement and growth:
What can I do to help me experience my present stage in life as a happy and powerful individual?This is the central question around which MEHRWERTICH SeminarCoaching revolves. A personal development seminar blending experience-driven learning within a group with methodologies geared to each participant’s individual needs.

MEHRWERTICH SeminarCoaching Personal Growth

helps you understand roles and patterns – and break out of them.
It’s all about:

  • Your life
  • Your values
  • Your passion!
And what does it mean for me as an executive? How can I integrate all this into my management routine? Leading is not about knowing leadership theories and methodologies. It is about EMBRACING the executive role authentically and with conviction. About keeping the balance between often conflicting requirements and inner needs. And about combining innovative ideas with time-tested strategies.

MEHRWERTICH SeminarCoaching Professional Growth

shows you how to:

  • Recognise achievements and set boundaries
  • Solve complex tasks and remain in balance
  • Act with a single goal in mind and meet set objectives.