Open Space Conference in Stuttgart / #play14 /November, 06th-, 2020

In May 2020 the first #play14 conference will take place in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg!

We cordially invite you to test methods from Friday May 8th to Sunday May 10 th 2020 in an Open Space conference format*. During 2.5 days, different tools and serious games can be tried out together, to use in trainings, workshops, during coaching sessions or in teams.

The #play14 conference is also an excellent opportunity to bring in and bring along those approaches you always wanted to try and were not sure if they will work.
We also see this open space event as a chance to network and learn from each other.

This event is organized at cost price. We are looking forward to further sponsors.

Click here for Early Bird tickets and registration:

* And this is how an Open Space works: The participants bring their methods and games, present them to the plenum and create a working group for each. In this group the methods are tested. The results are collected at the end.