Ensuring diversity – enabling entry into leadership

Enable entry. Encourage to be able to experience the most diverse leadership possible in non-profit institutions. But also to have the space to clarify for yourself: Is leadership right for me?
The Diakonie leadership series, which I am accompanying together with @Doerte Westphal, has started again. The programme covers a wide range of leadership perspectives:

  • Knowing your own leadership personality
  • Defining strengths and areas for development
  • Knowing and understanding personality types
  • Being able to pay attention to all areas of leadership
  • Have practical methods at hand, e.g. for strategic work
  • Build up a supportive network in this leadership series
  • Be able to work on current issues with collegial coaching in a trusting setting
  • Answer the question: Is leadership right for me?

The most important thing for me, however, in order to be able to live diversity in an appreciative way and to be able to go through everyday leadership life well as a leader, is to have an awareness of one’s own strengths, areas of development and personality. And at the same time to know that others with their personality facets contribute just as much to diversity. For me, this is an important step towards clarity, points of view, enough differentiation and empathy.