You want to question the status quo and create something new?

You don’t need a standard procedure, but a best solution. We put together our team of systemic lateral thinkers, bridge builders, mind openers and status quo shakers for you and accompany your change.


You need consulting on changes in your organization

such as strategy, (agile) organizational development, change management, corporate culture and leadership. Together with you we develop made-to-measure solutions to fit your needs.

  • How do we implement important changes?
  • How agile do we want to become?
  • How do we develop our organization?
  • How do we build a strategy ideally suited to our company? 


Coaching centers on your personality.

We support you through a personality-oriented approach to reflect or change your behavior as well as thought patterns and help you achieve your personal and career goals.



Collegian leadership in practice : The journey continues, step by step

With one of our clients we are exploring collegial leadership step by step. One division of the company wants to create a leadership system that, among other things, distributes responsibility and competence among several heads and promotes personal responsibility …

Agile Gilde

I am very happy! From now on I am part of the Agile Guild. We are a community of experts for collegial self-organization and agile organizational development. …

Sparkle Up Your Life! at Innovative Woman

Thanks to all participants for sparkling together with Astrid Kuchenbecker and me at Sparkle Up Your Life! at Innovative Woman. …

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